CBD with Yoga and Meditation


De-stress, Unwind, Retreat!

CBD is a product used widely for its health and wellbeing benefits so it is no surprise that people have started to combine the products with yoga, meditation and relaxation! Taking CBD as part of your daily routine is the best way to get results but it’s not always easy to remember or feels unnatural when just consuming the product every day, below are some great ways to introduce CBD into your lifestyle with an extra flare. 


   Often used for anxiety and stress relief, CBD has amazing natural properties to work with your endocannabinoid system (CBD contains lots of the best cannabinoids) to lead you to mental and physical health developments. Boosting your levels of cannabinoids has been reported to create a balance in your mind leading to the reduction of anxiety and improving focus. With this in mind, CBD is the perfect partner to meditation with the aim of centring your mind and improving mental clarity.

We recommend our tinctures when combining CBD and meditation. Putting a few drops under the tongue for a minute or two before you begin your meditation can have some great results! There is also the option of putting the drops into a tea and drinking at the beginning of your meditation – take a sip to your ultimate meditation playlist.


 Not only can CBD help to calm your mind, it has also shown to have amazing benefits for your muscles and joints. Working again with your endocannabinoid system, the CBD targets the same area that produces your response to pain, causing an anti-inflammatory defence against aches and injuries! This has made CBD incredibly popular in the fitness industry, with athletes swearing by their positive results. In particular, CBD yoga has grown in popularity, for obvious reasons!

We recommend rubbing some high strength CBD oil in areas affected, from aching muscles to joint pain. Just remember, just like yoga, it needs to be done more than once to see the results. A few people make the mistake of hoping for a quick fix, when it’s those who use longevity who gain the best results. 


Don’t feel like you’re the only one trying it – with both yoga and meditation being linked to CBD there have been an influx of classes and workshops being made available where you can go along, like a normal fitness class, and experience this with a professional. But it doesn’t stop there! You can now often find companies putting on CBD retreats where you can experience a weekend or longer being introduced to the best ways to incorporate CBD into your plan to reach your wellness goals. These often include both yoga and meditation sessions as well as a variety of CBD related activities, massages using CBD oil being very popular. 

These are perfect for someone looking for a more creative way of introducing CBD into their routine and also great for fitness! 


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