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‘You, Me & CBD’ Organic Cotton Tote Bag

Honest Hemp ‘You, Me & CBD’ Organic Cotton Tote Bag


Reusable cotton ‘You, Me & CBD’ tote bag from Honest Hemp. Our tote bags are eco-friendly, made from organic cotton, and are – of course – 100% re-usable.

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At Honest Hemp, we believe strongly in principles of quality, sustainability, and honesty. Above all, we pride ourselves on continuously creating products which give our planet the respect it deserves, and give our customers the quality they expect. We have made our tote bags with the Bags of Ethics label, which guarantees their ethical and environmental credentials.

Help the planet: We ethically source all of our cotton, jute, and canvas from our longstanding partners in India. Next, it is delivered to our factory in Pondicherry, which is completely carbon neutral and releases no toxic byproducts into the environment when your tote bags are made. We have won many of the UK’s most prestigious awards for our environmental and ethical efforts, so ordering with us can help do a little good in the world.

Our thick, high-quality material makes this bag an excellent choice for your everyday needs. If everybody switched to reusable tote bags, it could make a world of difference. Light, plastic bags have a far larger environmental footprint than you may think, including the huge amounts of energy required to produce them. We could decrease pollution, avoid recycling problems, and protect wildlife. Not to mention the benefits to yourself; you can enjoy strength and durability, plus save money in the long term.

Grab your ‘You, Me & CBD’ tote bag today; do your bit to help the planet, and enjoy quality & durability.

Be sure to check out our CBD product range so that you can fill your new tote bag with lots of hemp goodies!

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