When it comes to CBD, many people fall under the false impression that it is under the same laws as cannabis - this is simply not the case! CBD does not contain the amount of THC found in cannabis and is a non-psychoactive substance. Honest Hemp CBD products actually contain 0.0% THC which complies with the UK law and contributes to making it legal across many countries.


CBD truly exploded into the European market last year, this lead to the WHO (World Health Organisation) examining the substance and the results showed that CBD posed no health risks! With these results, CBD began to become more accepted in Europe by not only the law but consumers too. This means that CBD is in fact legal in most European countries as long as the THC content is below 0.3%. But be warned, it is important to note that there are restrictions; in Portugal, Malta, Austria, Finland and Denmark where you will need a doctor's note to use CBD products. Slovakia and Russia are exceptions here, where CBD is classed as a narcotic and therefore not allowed within the country.


China, Hong Kong, Japan, India and Thailand have all passed laws declaring CBD legal, which is a massive step following these countries having a reputation for having extremely strict drug laws (some even having the death penalty for cannabis possession). 

America and Canada

In America, the law will come down to the state within which you are travelling. Luckily for you, Honest Hemp’s CBD is derived from the hemp plant (as opposed to a marijuana plant) and is therefore legal in every american state, Canada and Mexico. This of course can come with restrictions that differ from state to state - state law can conflict with federal law in some cases. One of the most common restrictions, ties in with CBD and food supplements. This comes from the FDA labelling this as unlawful - so if you’re packing gummies they may be confiscated in states like Georgia, Iowa and Hawaii! South America is similar here in the way that CBD must be from a hemp plant in most parts. 

Australia and New Zealand

We’ve all seen Nothing to Declare and so we know how strict the customs can be in Australia and New Zealand. It is super important to double check laws when traveling to this part of the world, as not complying with their rules can have serious consequences! In Australia, CBD is only allowed when accompanied with a prescription, these have been noted as extremely difficult to obtain and so bringing these products in without one are a no go. New Zealand the THC content must be below 2% and the individual bringing it into the country must be able to prove they gained it lawfully and also have under a 3 month supply.


South Africa has introduced the idea of CBD products that contain under 20mg can be purchased over the counter, all above this must be bought with a prescription. For the rest of Africa the laws are very blurred, with places like Ghana having such strict drug laws that quickly lead to arrest without bail, it is probably best to keep the CBD products at home to avoid any unwanted attention from the law.


Final Thoughts

We hope you found this brief guide useful and that it has helped to raise your awareness of CBD restrictions around the world.

To summarise here, it is absolutely essential that your check the local laws before travelling with CBD as well as purchasing your products from a trusted provider - after all, we don’t want another arrest in Disneyland because of THC making an unexpected appearance!

Please note that the content of this blog was written based on our own independent research as of July 2019. Please always check the laws yourself before travelling to another country.

Find out more about our supply chain here and safe travels!