Pairing CBD with yoga is becoming increasingly popular as the world begins to take more recognition of the power of CBD. CBD stands for cannabidiol; one of many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. But, it will not get you high (unlike it’s close relative THC). Although both of these compounds come from the cannabis plant, they are very different. CBD will not cause any psychoactive effects, so it’s perfectly safe and legal to head to your next yoga class dosed up on CBD! 

One common reason why yogis love their practice is because it can do immense things for stress and anxiety relief. With the busy lifestyles, jobs, family commitments, etc. that most people are juggling these days, it is important to find a place and time where you can relax. I think it’s safe to say that most of us do experience unnecessary stress and anxiety; even if it’s at a low level, you’d probably be better off without. 

Multiple studies have actually confirmed that incorporating yoga into your routine can help to enhance your health, increase strength and flexibility, and reduce symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety. Additionally, studies suggest it can improve sleep quality, reduce chronic pain or inflammation, and improve heart health. 

Pairing CBD with yoga is such an interesting concept because many of these potential benefits actually overlap. Studies have shown that CBD may too help to improve these same issues: anxiety, stress, sleep, pain, inflammation, and a whole lot more. People are beginning to realise that it’s only natural for these two things to go hand-in-hand. It can bring your yoga practice to a whole new level of chill.

 Info Graphic showing the cross over between potential benefits of CBD and yoga


Using CBD during yoga

Taking CBD before your yoga practice may help to bring focus and relaxation onto the mat, and help you to finally reach that level of ‘zen’ that you’ve been pining for. CBD interacts with the human endocannabinoid system. This biological system consists of receptors and neurotransmitters. These all work together to help regulate the many functions of our immune system and brain. The endocannabinoid system plays an important role in regulating our stress response and our anxiety levels. It is thought that using CBD may help this system to work more effectively by increasing the amount of cannabinoids in the body. 

So essentially, it’s possible that using CBD during yoga could help us to find a new level of relaxation. This can promote mental balance and an increased focus on the practice. 

 Image Quote CBD could help to prolong the feelings of bliss we experience in savasana essentially making you feel good for longer


Using CBD post-yoga

Muscle recovery

I’m sure many people will experience some level of muscle soreness post-yoga. This may be especially apparent if you are practising a more athletic form such as Vinyasa yoga. When muscles are inflamed or tense, it can lead to pain and soreness. Not only is this unpleasant, but it can also prevent us from being able to engage to the level we’d like to during our next yoga practice. 

Using CBD can potentially provide relief from muscle soreness and inflammation. As mentioned previously, it is thought that CBD can improve the functionality of our endocannabinoid system; a system responsible for regulating many bodily functions. CBD could be powerful for relieving pain, inflammation, and muscle tension by improving our body’s natural ability to deal with these things. 

Feeling good

Another potential benefit to using CBD post-yoga is the way that it could make us feel. I’m sure many of you are familiar with that sense of ‘bliss’ or intense calmness that you often experience after a yoga session whilst lying in Savasana (or ‘corpse’ pose!). This might be especially apparent if you are practising a more meditative or relaxation-focused style of yoga, such as Yin or Restorative yoga. 

It is thought that CBD can help to prolong these feelings, essentially making you feel good for longer. And who wouldn’t want that?! When we feel this sense of bliss, it’s because our brains naturally release the neurotransmitter Anandamide. This neurotransmitter is heavily associated with feelings of reduced stress and anxiety; in fact, ‘ananda’ literally means ‘bliss’! Studies suggest that CBD inhibits – or slows down – the breakdown of this neurotransmitter. This increases the length of time that it remains in our system. This can therefore lengthen the wonderful effects that our minds naturally produce, making our yoga practice even more pleasant. 

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