There are many different types of CBD product available on the market so
we often get asked about CBD sprays: what are they? What is the difference? When should I use a spray?
In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about CBD sprays to help you determine if this product is right for you.

We would recommend using your CBD spray as a top up method. In other words, we recommend using it alongside other CBD products. For example, you may want to use a CBD oil in the morning and at night whilst you are at home. Then, you can bring your CBD spray with you when you leave the house, and use it as a quick, convenient top-up product throughout the day. This also means there is less pressure to accurately measure the precise dosing of your CBD spray, as you won’t be relying on it to get your full daily dose.

What Is CBD Spray?

CBD sprays are usually made in the same way as CBD oils. In other words, they usually consist of CBD extract dispersed into a carrier oil. The main difference is that they use a spray nozzle rather than an oil dropper. This can actually create a number of differences between the two products, which we will cover below.
At Honest Hemp, we have 3 different types of CBD spray, and these are all infused with broad-spectrum CBD extract.. First, we have our hemp seed oil spray which has a natural, earthy flavour. Secondly, our Peppermint CBD spray which has a fresh and minty taste. Lastly, our Orange CBD spray which has a rich, natural, citrus flavour.

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Not only are our flavoured sprays a great alternative for those who don't like the natural hempy taste, but they are also made with MCT oil which goes further to boost the metabolism and aid muscle recovery.
Each of these sprays is available in 2 CBD strengths: 300mg and 600mg. Additionally, they all contain 0% THC.

What does CBD oral spray help with and benefits?

Easy to use

The main reason that many people opt for CBD sprays is because they are so easy (and satisfying) to use. Unlike a CBD oil, you simply spray the product under your tongue rather than having to use an oil dropper pipette.
They provide a super quick and convenient way to top up your CBD dosage on the go, or quickly top up throughout the day.
Our flavoured sprays make this much more enjoyable too. Spritzing a flavoured CBD oil under your tongue just might turn into a guilty pleasure!

Discreet to use

Although we love CBD oils, it’s no secret that tilting your head back and pipetting the oil under your tongue isn’t exactly discreet. With a spray, it’s much easier to quickly spritz it a couple of times without drawing attention to yourself.
Additionally, they are of course much more discreet than CBD vapes which create a cloud of vapour. Sprays can be used quickly; anywhere at any time.

Quick to absorb

Bioavailability is a very important factor to consider when purchasing a CBD product. Bioavailability refers to the amount of a substance that is actually absorbed by the body. We want our bioavailability to be as high as possible; this will mean that more of the CBD enters the bloodstream to have an effect, and less is wasted.

CBD vapes are recognised as having the highest absorption rate, but - as mentioned above - they aren't the most discreet method.
CBD sprays provide an excellent alternative to this, as the absorption rate is still higher than that of CBD oils. This is because the spray nozzle causes the oil to disperse onto a larger area under the tongue. This means that there is more surface area that is absorbing the CBD, and so it will enter the body more quickly and effectively.

Any cons to using CBD sprays?

One slight con to using CBD sprays is that some people find the dosing to be more uncertain, or difficult to determine.
Because you spray the oil directly under the tongue from the bottle, you cannot measure it out beforehand (unlike with a CBD oil dropper).
However, it is not actually as complicated as people may think. Our CBD sprays contain a certain amount of CBD per spritz. The 300mg spray contains about 1.75mg per spray, and the 600mg contains about 3.5mg per spray. This means that you can calculate the number of sprays you would like to do per day, and track your dosing in this way.