At Honest Hemp we love to promote the idea of sharing the CBD experience with our customers. To us, people who seek out the benefits and enjoy the products are part of our community. Our ethos is all about helping people to achieve ultimate well-being and health through a positive and sustainable lifestyle.

The idea behind You, Me & CBD is that we are all working together to spread this message and to share how CBD has benefitted us individually so that others can benefit from it too! Our first post in this series is lead by the amazing Elaina Sydney who had a fantastic experience with our products to help her endometriosis and more!

“Without a doubt, the effectiveness of CBD has been inherently proven by the people who use it, which was initially one of the main reasons why I was encouraged to try CBD oil.

After three weeks of using Honest Hemp daily, I can confirm the following.

My monthly periods are the one thing I dread monthly. However, after two weeks of taking CBD oil, my period arrived and the intensity of pain I expected was diminished. As a lady with endometriosis, I’m normally wrapped around my hot water bottle and taking tablets for pain relief. To have manageable period pain was a new concept to me!

One thing I’m not going to miss for sure, is those late night trips to the pharmacy or to the supermarket to purchase over the counter painkillers. The most empowering thought, is knowing that by incorporating a few drops of CBD oil into my lifestyle daily, I can reduce chronic pain and have a better well being in general.

It’s worth mentioning whilst taking the CBD oil, I also found myself to be alert yet at the same time calmer too. For many years I’ve suffered with onsets of anxiety and depression. Although it’s early to comment fully on this aspect, I expect as I continue to take the CBD oil, it will only support me further.

Although one may say using CBD oil could be a placebo effect, I feel that it’s more than that. I generally believe my pain management has improved, including my emotional state of mind. My usual Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMT) symptoms weren’t as erratic – let’s just say my husband noticed the difference!”

And her final thoughts…

“Honestly …(see what I did there), If you still feel unsure whether it’ll help you, my best advice is for you to get yourself a bottle and give it a go yourself. I am going to continue taking Honest Hemp daily, like in the ways I would take a multivitamin and B12 supplement, daily and ongoing. To continue feeling how I’ve done so the past few weeks, it’s important to implement taking CBD oil daily as part of your lifestyle.”

We loved hearing about Elaina’s experience and we’re so excited to learn about her results.

Now we want to hear from you! Have you tried our products and want to share your story? Email with the words YOU, ME & CBD in the subject line and you could have your thoughts posted here!

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